SAVE THE DATE: Events Not To Be Missed

Don’t forget to pencil these important dates into your calendar so you don’t miss out on any upcoming international events. Please note that all these dates are subject to current COVID-19 developments and may be affected by travel restrictions.

Upcoming Events

7 April 2021: Asia-Pacific Group Meeting

13 or 15 April 2021: EU Law Lunch (exact date and time to be determined)

5 May 2021: Virtual Meeting No. 3

L&E Global’s 3rd Virtual Meeting for Partners will include comparative law sessions, training courses, guest speakers, and more. (invitations will follow shortly)

13-15 October 2021: Berlin, Annual General Meeting of L&E Global

Save the Date – AGM Berlin 2021 was postponed from May to October and will take place before IBA Paris 17-22 October. Associates should plan to attend on the 13th and 14th and Partners should arrive on the 14th for a joint dinner with the Associates and plan to stay through the 15th. (invitations will follow shortly)

17-22 October 2021: Paris, 2021 IBA General Meeting

30 October-4 November 2022: Miami, 2022 IBA General Meeting



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